"They're Burning the Churces" 

Patrick Noonan's book tells the truth about the insurrection that changed the face of South Africa…
… and about the violence, torture, assassinations, intrigue, passion and betrayal that has never before been told outside the Black townships of South Africa.

Yes, this is a story that has never been told.

This book is the true account of the traumatised memory of the people from at least five townships in the Vaal. They made it happen; they suffered the consequences; they are remembered.

They’re Burning the Churches is a meticulously written, moving account of the groundbreaking events that dramatically accelerated the downfall of apartheid. Noonan’s clear and unbiased historical record clarifies many misconceptions regarding important events such as the Sharpeville Six Trial, the Delmas Treason Trial, the 1984 uprising that led to international sanctions, the first-ever army invasions of the Vaal townships, and the still controversial Boiphatong massacre that stopped the Codesa negotiations.

From historians and the World Council of Churches to local and diaspora non-black South Africans who still don’t know what happened, this is a book for which people around the world having been waiting a long time.

The book may ordered from Jacana Publishing

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"They're Burning the Churches" has its own website, which carries a full descrition of the book, as well as numerous phtographs and videos from that period.
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