This book is a tentative, daring exploration of St Francis as rarely seen before – his personality, a probe behind the domesticated image, a different window on his personal struggle for meaning. It is about how he discovered and managed what God was calling him to do and to be.

This is about a Francis who lived in a pre-industrial era where life for the poor was short, cheap and brutally bloody. He lived in the time of action men like the mythical Robin Hood and his merry men.

The author has lived, like most missionaries, in raw impoverished situations and so has some idea of the unpredictability and fragility of life; perhaps as a secondary witness all the way from the peripheries so often mentioned by the present Pope, and lived by Francis.

This is the Francis depicted in this book; the man from the margins, the outsider from nowhere, the misfit who guides Popes.

In St Francis Uncensored, Noonan seeks to present the 13th century saint as a radical whose message and example still have application today.

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